Who is Xymogen?

Xymogen is one of the pharmaceutical grade supplement leaders in the world.  Xymogen uses only the highest quality ingredients with uncompromising quality assurance.  Healthcare providers around the world trust Xymogen for their patients’ nutritional needs.


How can I order Xymogen products?

Only qualified healthcare providers can sell Xymogen products.  Xymogen products are meant to be delivered direct to patient from their doctor.  You can visit Xymogen.com to see a list of healthcare providers near your area or visit thesupplementboutique.com and start a dialogue with Dr. Kent S Lambrecht to see how Xymogen products can be a helpful tool in your quest for anti-aging and wellness.


Why can I purchase only from Healthcare providers?

The intent is for a qualified healthcare provider to prescribe and follow patient’s unique biochemical needs.  Each patient is different in nutritional needs and there can be interactions with medications.  A qualified healthcare provider can assess these special needs and recommend accordingly and safely.