This week I want to talk about the overall quality of the supplements out in the market place. As a consumer, we have so many supplement manufacturers and distribution channels to choose from. How are we to know what are and are not reputable supplements? Are we really getting what the label says and what we are paying for? And an even more serious question, “could there be something harmful in the supplements I’m taking?” All good questions that I’ll address in this weeks video blog.

First, let me start off by saying that at The Supplement Boutique, we are committed to offering pharmaceutical grade supplements to our customers. This ensures that you are getting what’s on the label and what you paid for. Plus you know that the product you purchase from The Supplement Boutique are stored at the proper temperature.

I have put together a short video where I discuss this important topic for your convenience. Please take a few minutes to enjoy this information and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about the supplements you are taking.

Also, let me share with you a 6 page PDF link that discusses the problem of counterfeit supplements, by a former FDA agent, Gary Collins. It’s quite eye opening and a very interesting bit of information.

Why You Need to be Cautious: Online Supplements Counterfeit Supplements

6 Page PDF on Counterfeit Supplements by: Gary Collins.

Thank you and let me know about any of your supplement questions.