Summer time is a great time to be in the mountains! Average highs are in the 70’s and 80’s. Hiking, biking, fishing and camping are at our doorsteps. The problem that a lot of people face at altitude, as well as most places during the summer, is exacerbation’s of skin problems. Take a look at the before and after pictures on my youngest son Ollie. The time lapse on this picture is just over a month. What causes this? How did we clear it up? Just follow these simple tips to help improve outcomes to common skin problems.

Inflammation is the main culprit. During the summer our diets change. Most have summer vacations and we take more time off which can adjust our diets, ie, more sugar, sweets, sodas. Remember, the skin is one of the few ways our bodies can eliminate waste products. When we have a clean diet, our gut can digest our foods, utilize the nutrients, and then eliminate the waste without causing too much inflammation on our intestinal lining. When we eat a poor diet, ie, gluten, wheat, sugar, it causes small gaps in the intestinal wall. These gaps in the tight junctions can let food, NOT NUTRIENTS, into the blood. Now we have amassed an immune response called the IGG (part of our immune system). Since our blood stream cannot eliminate FOOD, we push it through the skin, ie rash. This process can make eczema/psoriasis worse.

This is how we fix it!

1. Adjust diet

a. Remove wheat, gluten, white flour and sugar. I realize this is hard with children, so , just do your best.

2. Fish oil

a. Children

i. I do around 400mg of dha/epa(remember, the growing brain needs DHA, so I prefer the higher DHA ratio)

Not all omega 3’s are good. Be sure to ask for a recommended brand.

b. Adults

i. Omegapure by Xymogen

1.      2 daily to 2 twice daily(make sure to ask me if you are taking any medications that could cause your blood to thin to see if this is a safe dose for you)

3. Probiotics (Remember, we are trying to keep your gut healthy)

a. Children’s

i. Ultraflora children’s from metagenics 1 daily

b. Adults

i. Orthobiotic ortho molecular, 1 daily

Remember to vary the strains on adult probiotics twice per year. I believe a great rotation is ultraflora spectrum by metagenics and probio daily df from xymogen. This will keep the bacteria in your gut thriving. This is a simple tool kit to make sure the inflammatory process is well controlled at the front line, your gut. Most people feel so much better with this elimination diet that they never go back. Meat and veggies is a great way to keep inflammation down.

Remember to call me at the pharmacy, email me at, or instant message me with any and all of your wellness questions.

Thank you and I look forward to your questions and comments,

Dr. Kent S Lambrecht, Pharm.D., FAARM, ABAAHP