Why buy pharmaceutical grade supplements?

Pharmaceutical grade/medical grade supplements are verified to not only have the correct ingredients at the correct strength, but also that the ingredients are effective.  In February of 2015, the FDA took thousands of supplement and vitamins off the shelf of places like GNC, Walgreens Walmart, Walmart, etc. and tested them. Close to 80 percent were found to have NO verifiable DNA of the herbs that were on the label.  The supplement industry is virtually unregulated. According to the Gary Collins, former Special Agent for the U.S. department of Health and Human Services, the best case scenario for consumers is that they only wasted money.  There has been incidence of actual harm done by mislabeled vitamins including death.


Why should I NOT buy from just ANY online vendor?

I understand that times are hard for a lot of people. We are always looking for the best price for a product, and internet sites like Amazon offer less expensive alternatives to retail stores.  We should all understand that if it is too good to be true, it often is.  According to the public health department that investigates the vitamin industry, there are three main ways that supplements end up on the market at a cheap price:

-They are counterfeit

-They are useless/expired products repackaged as new

-They are stolen and released back on the market without any quality control

Even if the product is legitimate, you cannot be sure the storage conditions are correct for the entire process.


How do I verify that who I am buying from are licensed healthcare professionals?

Do your research on your online vendor. First and foremost, make sure there is an actual number you can call to talk to a person.  Secondly, make sure there is a qualified healthcare provider that is making the decisions on the products sold.  You should do your research on the provider to verify that their background is from an accredited medical school in the scope of practice that covers natural medicine.


Why are pharmaceutical grade supplements more expensive?

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are made with much higher quality ingredients.  The ingredients are then put through stringent testing to verify efficacy which is an expensive process.  When consumers by-pass purchasing from a licensed vendor, it hurts the manufacturer.  The manufacturer spends millions in research to make sure that their product is safe and effective.  It also costs a lot to make the product in sterile facilities.  When consumers buy counterfeit or stolen products, WE ALL LOSE!!!