What separates The Supplement Boutique from other online suppliers?

We are a family run online store that caters to each individual’s wellness needs.  We are available to consult with patient whenever necessary.  Over time, many patients end up with a cabinet full of supplements, many of which they can’t even remember why they are taking in the first place.  Other times, they are taking two supplements that contain similar, if not the same, ingredients.  In those situations we can help pare down the medicine cabinet so patients are not wasting money or taking too much of the same ingredient.

Each product that is available on thesupplemenboutique.com is hand-picked through diligent research by a wellness doctor to ensure its potency and purity.  There will never be a product available on our website that does not stand up to the most stringent scrutiny of a qualified healthcare provider.  Our customers can rest assured that the quality of the products we carry is second to none.  After all, the supplement industry is virtually unregulated so the burden rests squarely on the consumer’s shoulders to shop with discrimination.


How Do I set up an account?

Can you guys find out the easiest and most succinct way to do this, maybe we should even do a video or online tutorial


Why do I have to set up an account?

All of the supplements we carry are made by manufacturers who have strict guidelines that require patients to be under the direct supervision of a healthcare professional while taking their products.  Having an account is their way to ensure that you have had the opportunity to be counseled before starting a new regimen.

If you find these same products in the online marketplace and they are not requiring an account they are not authorized sellers of the product.  Why does that matter?  It has been shown that these products are often counterfeit, meaning they are either not as potent, are too potent, or are not even the correct ingredients.  Even if they are legitimate products, they are not guaranteed to have appropriate storage, meaning they may have gotten to hot or cold in handling or storage which, especially on certain products, can have dire effects on potency.

So, if you are going to spend your time and money on these supplements, you might as well get legitimate, full potency supplements.  Otherwise, at best, you are just wasting your money.


How do I ask a question about optimizing my wellness?

TheSupplementboutique.com offers consultations with Dr. Kent S. Lambrecht Pharm.D, FAARM, ABAAHP.  Dr. Lambrecht is uniquely qualified to answer questions about supplements and nutrition with a 2 year post doctorate Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine from University of South Florida medical school.  He can also explain possible drug interactions with nutritional supplements and your prescriptions drugs.  Dr. Lambrecht can streamline your regimen and focus it on YOUR wellness needs.  Tell Dr. Lambrecht your specific wellness needs, ie. family history of Alzheimers/dementia, children playing contact sports, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, colitis, etc.,  or tell him you are just trying to keep your peak physical fitness for an active lifestyle, and he will construct a patient specific regimen that will be easy to follow and cost effective..


Why buy pharmaceutical grade supplements?