I was thinking about all of the positive impacts that treating people with natural remedies has had in my practice,

I believe that treating the gut has had the largest. Let me tell you, most diseases are inflammatory in origin and the gut is the first point of impact for pro-inflammatory agents. When a patient come to me and has Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, eczema, asthma, rashes, poor sleep, IBS, ADHD/ADD, and this list goes on, I always assess diet and the patient’s gut first before using products like Glutashield. I would hate to bore you with the gory details but I must explain what the problem is most of the time. Not only that, but you will have a MUCH better understanding of why the intestinal lining is soooo important for wellness.

One of the biggest terms out there in natural medicine is this term “leaky gut”.

I will show you how this term actually is the cause for a lot of disease states, including the ones I mentioned before. Have you heard that 80 percent of a person’s immune system lies within the gut? You’ve probably seen the probiotic commercials out there and wondered what they meant by that. The small and large intestines are responsible for absorbing nutrients from what we eat, amongst other things. Below is a picture of a normal intestinal wall:

Glutashield treatment of Leaky Gut
What we have in the intestinal wall, which is covered by a “slime” or mucosa. That slime layer is where probiotics live. Also IGA, which is part of the immune system. Let’s think for a second how this works. I have a 3.5-year-old and a 5-year-old. We took them and a friend of theirs, also 5, to LEGO land in California. While we were standing in line for one of the rides behind a 1000 people, one kid was progressing forward with his tongue on the maze chain.  A million hands have been on that chain. Pretty gross, but also pretty typical for 5-year-olds. Why did he not get sick? 

Okay, here we go. You swallow food and bacteria and dirt every day (some more than others). The food and pathogens make it into the intestines for processing. A healthy gut, like the one above, is able to process and break down the foods to the nutrient within and the IGA (remember the part of the immune system) is there to grab the pathogens or the “Lego Land chain gross stuff”. The slime layer not only protects the lining of the intestine but also provides an environment for the IGA and probiotics to live in and do their job. Now the nutrients in the foods are processed and escorted through the lining into the blood stream to be used as nutrition. The “chain goo” is grabbed by the IGA and kept from entering the blood stream and excreted later in the bathroom. Now let’s look at the following inflamed lining:

Let me explain the difference. 

This is what some practitioner call “leaky gut” but I prefer intestinal permeability. I am going to use gluten as my bad guy in the following scenario. All people, not just Celiac sufferers get some inflammation from gluten. This is a non-absorbable product that scrapes down the intestines and finally gets excreted. Sometimes I use a popped popcorn kernel to describe this also. Think about something hard, cruising down the intestines and penetrating the protective slime and scratching the wall of the intestine. Happens every day, in everyone. Some people react more, which are the celiacs, and some people react less. The important thing to remember is, everyone reacts.   

Now, the scratching of the intestine causes a reaction in the brain to get the inflammation out of there. The product of this reaction is cortisol, which is our bodies anti-inflammatory. I will tell you about the side effect of cortisol a little later. It can take time to fix the inflammation, and in this time there are tiny gaps in our intestine from the inflammation. Those gaps are sometimes big enough for food, not the nutrient from the food, and “chain goo” to get into the blood stream. This is how the pathogen gets into our body and makes us sick. Now, what happens to the food? Once in the blood stream, the body can not digest it. It cruises around causing more inflammation and finally, the body has to get rid of the only way it knows how. Through the skin as a rash,(psoriasis, eczema etc) or exported through the lungs which causes asthma to worsen or shortness of breath. 

Now, remember that our friend the anti-inflammatory, cortisol, is being produced in high quantities to get rid of the inflammation. Cortisol is our fight or flight hormone. Remember how you feel when someone scares you? Anxious, blood pressure increases, eyes dilate, heart starts pounding. It even increases the amount of sugar in your blood to give you energy to run from whatever is chasing you. The problem is, you are not running. So you are just left feeling anxious, with elevated blood pressure and blood sugar. People with sensitivities even have trouble sleeping due to this higher than normal amount of cortisol. 

Can you see why the intestinal lining is too important? Not only that, the slime is really important too. My patient’s with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s have a terrible intestinal permeability issue. Most are anxious, have trouble sleeping and are uncomfortable after eating. It is because the food is starting down the areas that are inflamed and are not protected with a healthy lining and good slime. 

Is hope all lost? 

What can we do? This is when lifestyle changes and supplements, not chemicals or prescriptions drugs can help. I always put my patients on an elimination diet first. Basically eliminating wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Chill out, its only for a few days. I then re-introduce foods one at a time once per week. I then always use a product called Glutashield. This wonderful product assesses all the trouble areas. It has great aloe and n-acetyl glucosamine that will replenish the slime and glutamine, zinc and Fit A which will heal the intestinal wall. Once I get this area fixed, I load it back up with good beneficial bacteria, i.e. Orthobiotic, which. is also by the same company that makes glutashield, Ortho molecular. 

I have a few protocols for most disease states and they are all a little different.  The basics are, treat the slime and the lining, then treat inflammation and immune system. Here is a good example with doses:

Initial phase with Glutashield
This is usually 4 days or so

This is time varies. When feeling better, decrease dose

The re-population phase will repopulate the beneficial bacteria to the newly formed slime layer. The omega 3 and cur cumin will decrease inflammation. I have more extensive protocols for other gut issues but this one is tried and true.  Most off the practitioners in the US forget the importance of the intestinal permeability and the mucos layer. They know the issue, but just start pumping in anti-inflammatories and probiotics.  I truly get best results when I first build back up the “slime layer and the integrity of the intestinal lining. 

Remember to shoot me an -email anytime with questions, and thanks for tuning in! Here are some good sources on a few of the ingredients of Glutashield:

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