supplements-fiHey all. I realize this topic is broad and may seem irrelevant to most, but I assure you that over the next few blogs I will be able to change future outcomes in everyone’s wellness. The topic of drug-induced nutrient depletion is a broad one.  

I will, over time, hit 95 percent of the population and show them how to replenish what is being depleted by what they are taking. The goal here is to keep the metabolic processes in the body working efficient enough to get rid of inflammation and toxins thereby living a longer more productive life. Just hear me out and let me nerd out on this for a while and you will understand.

How many of the population is on a statin, birth-control, blood sugar medications, blood pressure meds, sleep aids, anti-anxiety med… The list is extensive and the general public lacks the knowledge of what these drugs that are prescribed are doing to their bodies. All drugs can inhibit nutrient absorption, synthesis transport, storage, metabolism or excretion. This, in turn, blocks the body from doing fundamental things to keep our machine running smoothly.  

I’m going to focus on statins today. These are the most commonly prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs today. They are all HMG-CoA reductase Inhibitors, and they deplete CoQ10, Vit D, Vit E, Omega 3’s, carnitine, zinc, selenium, and copper. Not only that, they are so potent that they are blocking the basic building blocks for our sex hormones and neurotransmitters. There was a study that showed men on statin were 2X as likely to have low testosterone, Giovanni Corona, MD, Ph.D. The University of Florence. What does this mean? They have to be safe, right? We had the stuff out like candy, right?  

Let’s start with the lowering of testosterone effects. Men with lowered T were 2X higher rate of death from heart disease,. Chris Malkin et al, Low serum testosterone and increased mortality in men with coronary heart disease, and Ronald CW Ma, et al Testosterone levels, and cardiovascular disease. There are also studies that show a link between low T and sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, Metabolic syndrome etc. ( you guys can just e-mail or call for my references, as I am a terrible typer) As you can see this is only one thing that can fall when taking statins, yet can cause significant detriment to out long-term health.

Another and a biggie is CoQ10. All statins block an important step in the Krebs cycle, which results in less ATP production(a marker of energy) This causes mitochondrial deficiencies that have been correlated with obesity and Type-II Diabetes.  CoQ10 is very important for our muscles. When it is depleted, we can get myopathies/muscle pain. Arch Neurol 2005. This is a common side effect of statins and it’s called Rhabdomyolysis. Study after study shows that healthy CoQ10 levels increase fast twitch muscle fibers in the elderly and influences genetic expression for increased fast twitch muscle fiber. With its antioxidant capacities, it also protects against aging of muscle tissue. There was another study that proves the addition of CoQ10 to conventional therapies significantly reduces hospitalization for heart failure.  

Vit-D is another big problem. In the anti-aging world, Vit-D is critical for all kinds of essential bodily functions. Levels of Vit D are inversely proportional to insulin resistance. It is protective of Type @ diabetes. Healthy levels are important for DNA repair(longevity brother), preventing autoimmune disease, staying healthy by improving immune response, mood and on and on and on.  

Vit E and Omega 3’s are essential fats necessary for all manners of cellular health. We make eye cells and brain cells, hell every cell is made of cholesterol. By taking these statins, we have less cholesterol, therefore we can’t make essential cells for our brain and eyes.

Let’s recap, you go into a Dr. with cholesterol of around 220 total. The give you a statin and within the next twenty years your become insulin resistant, fat around the midsection, you have no sex drive, your muscles ache, your nipples become inverted(just made that one up), and your brain is becoming foggy, and you have an increased chance of heart disease.  Your cholesterol numbers look great though! We have got to start thinking about what we put in our bodies, and what the secondary or tertiary side effects may be. If you have to be on a statin, in my opinion, you should be supplementing with  the following:

  • Co-Q10 100 to 300 mg. You don’t need ubiquinol, it’s more expensive and I think is less all around help.  Call the store or go online and get the Xymogen Co-Q10 and take 1 daily with food. A lot of others are crap
  • Vit-D3 (yes the 3 is important)  I recommend 5000 units daily with food and if your levels come back high reduce
  • Omegapure or omegagenics from my website. I take 2000 to 3000 per day with food

A good multi-vite would be a great addition as well to replete the minerals. I’m kind of digging Ortho molecular Alpha base 4 daily, again available on my site.

I will be moving through common drugs in the near future, but as usual, you can call the store 1-844-887-6337, e-mail me or hit me up with an instant message. I will always be here to help evaluate your health and get you on the right track to longevity   

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