Don’t you just love the holiday season? Stores are playing my favorite Christmas carols, the streets are filled with lights, and there’s a sense of excitement that you can feel in the air.

This is also the season of parties when we forget about our diets and simply indulge. Yes, it’s alright to eat, drink, and be merry. It’s tradition. And besides, you have the new year to make up for the overeating. The aftermath of holiday parties may not be very pleasant if you’ve partied too hard and eaten too much. It can leave you a few pounds heavier and be feeling tired. Good thing is, you can always get back on track by embarking on a detox program come the New Year.

I’ve been talking about detox in my previous blogs and one of the things I always mention is not all detox programs are good for you. Most programs out there are either ineffective or downright harmful. There are programs that require you to go on a pure juice or vegetable cleanse, while some require you to subsist on sweetened water and lemon juice, as well as salt water and a laxative tea. These detox diets, perceived to be healthy, can deplete your body of nutrients, cause muscle breakdown, blood sugar issues, and severe diarrhea. Also, most of these programs don’t hit the three important phases of detox and do not effectively eliminate toxins.

One of the most effective and safe ways to detox is through the Clear Change® 10 Day Program with UltraClear® RENEW by Metagenics. (Watch Video)

I believe in this product. The Clear Change® 10-Day Program was clinically designed to support the body’s natural process of metabolic detoxification.

So, what the heck is metabolic detoxification?

To explain simply, our body goes through three phases of liver detoxification. These three steps are performed by three sets of enzymes and protein called the phase I (functionalization) and phase II (conjugation), and the phase III (antiporter).

Phase I (functionalization) – metabolizes toxins and turns them into free radicals.

Phase II (conjugation) – protects against chemical carcinogenesis and makes toxins water-soluble and less harmful to the body.

Phase III (antiporter)– involves the elimination of toxins from the cells.

If one phase is skipped, the whole system of detoxification will not work. Only Clear Change® 10-Day Program by Metagenics was clinically designed to support your body’s natural process of metabolic detoxification.

Here’s more. Most detox diets will sap your energy, the Clear Change® 10 Day Program with UltraClear® RENEW provides nutritional supplementation to provide energy. This program is also best with a clean diet for overall wellbeing. The program also has AdvaClear®, a supplement to provide antioxidant protection during the detoxification process.

I know that it will be hard to resist good food and wine this holiday season. My mantra is everything in moderation. But if you can’t resist temptation, I urge you to embark on a detox program in 2018. It’s the best thing you can do for your body.

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