Who is Designs For Health?

Designs For Health is an industry leader in pharmaceutical grade supplements.  They specialize in adrenal support, highly absorbable nutraceuticals and trusted formulas to help improve nutritional status for all patients.


Where can I order DFH products?

Designs for Health products can only be ordered from qualified healthcare providers like Dr. Kent S. Lambrecht with thesupplementboutique.com.  Patient and practitioner relationships are essential for optimum wellness.  Each patient has a specific nutritional status and ability to utilize certain supplements, so the guidance from a healthcare professional will ensure a better patient outcome.


Why order from healthcare providers?

Healthcare providers specializing in anti-aging and regenerative medicine can make informed decisions on patient specific needs.  Every patient has a slightly different bio-chemistry which can affect the absorption of vitamins.  Practitioners can also identify potential interactions or assess if the supplement is beneficial for each disease state in question.